Poser Goodies!

Welcome to the Poser Goodie page!  Here you will find downloads of free stuff for use with Posertm.  If you can't wait til the page loads, and you know what you're looking for, try the new Quickie Text List version of this page.  Also remember you can use your browser's search function to search for text within this page.  Try searching for "prop," "figure," "horse," etc.

     All Poser stuff is PC version and in zip format.  Mac users can use MacConverter to translate them (MacConverter is available to download at Renderosity).

     I have added a "$" tag to the upper right corner of the description if the item requires that you have purchased a particular item.  Original free stuff, and stuff for standard Poser figures are not tagged.  Note you may still need ancillary utilities such as UVMapper, MorphManager, ObjAction Mover, etc

   Usage note:  all my items are free of commercial use restrictions, which means you can sell your images and animations made with them.  Standard distribution restrictions still apply.   If you see a circle-r symbol on the thumbnails, it indicates 'no restrictions.'  (if you don't see it, that only indicates i havent put it on yet! ;) )

    Redistribution note:  you may not mass-distribute these files (via web site, cd compilation, etc etc).  However, if a friend or two needs a file or two, you can send them the files.  If this site goes down for any length of time, then feel free to host the files -- as long as there is no charge to access them.

Usage Symbols:
You can download and use the symbols on your thumbnails, if you want to indicate the type of usage you allow. 

  non-commercial use only
  no usage restrictions; distribution restrictions apply
  public domain   

Note: if you wish to download the thumbnail images for each archive for your records, you have my permission.


Millennium Horse


   Yep, it's Eye Candy 3000 to the rescue again!  Texures, colours, morph settings to turn your mild-mannered Millennium Horse into a flaming Nightmare.

Requires Millennium Horse from DAZ.

Millennium Horse
Texture Adjustments


   Photoshop 7 adjustment layer files that go over the basic black texture that comes with the Mil Horse, to give you white, grey, and brown textures.  Also a version 7 psd file containin socks (short and long) and blazes that you can place over your horse textures.

Requires Millennium Horse from DAZ, and Photoshop 7+, or a graphics app that can read psd adjustment layers.

Charger Armor
Millennium Horse Conversion


   A conversion of the Serrge's Charger Armor to fit the basic Millennium Horse.  No other body shape morphs are included.

Requires Millennium Horse from DAZ, and the Charger Armor from Serrge's Renderosity Store (or the new Chaos Armor pack).

Fantasy Tack
Millennium Horse Conversion


   A conversion of the Charger Fantasy Tack to fit the basic Millennium Horse.  No other body shape morphs are included.  I didn't do the bridle, just place it on the head and parent it there.

Requires Fantasy Tack & Millannium Horse, both available at DAZ.

IT maps

Texture:    A handful of quickie square textures that work decently well on IT.  These do not included painted details like teeth, tongue, eyes, etc.  They are not seamless, they aren't aligned, they're really just plain textured squares, which work fairly well on IT.

Requires F_Wizard's IT (remapped version recommended).

Darc Clothing for Norns

Clothing:    Darcassian Jackets and Robe for the BBN.  Two free jackets and one robe for Darcassian by X2000, converted to fit the norns.

Requires Bloodsong's Basic Norn (see below).

Bloodsong's Secret Eye Base Materials


    Actually, a texture-less base MAT file.  These are made to apply after you use regular MAT files that apply textures, without adding/removing those textures.  What they do is change the base materials of the eyes (colour, highlight colour, ambient colour, highlight size, transparency), using my special secret formula that has never been released anywhere else before.  Yes, it's an exclusive!
     The regular file applies to M1/M2/Stephanie, the "3" version applies to M3/V3.

Spine Eversion Morphs M2/M3


    simple morphs to make the spine stick out on M2 and M3, and any related characters that take the same morphs.  these are provided in donor files, please read the txt file for instructions!

Requires M2 and/or M3 and/or any derivative morph-sharing figures thereof from DAZ.

Shades of Michael: Angel


Texture:     Shades of Michael: Angel.  This features a tattoo of angel wings on the back.  Based on the SOM project by Lyrra.

Requires Michael 2 from DAZ 3D.


Character/Prop:     this is a baby emperor penguin, based on a stuffed animal (fluffy) that i have, named snowball.  he's just a puffy round bundle of cuteness!  this is not a character file, he's just a prop.  he has morphs to move his feet, tail, wings and head.
     the p5 version (shown here) has fuzz, too!  yes, there IS a p4 version, too!

Textures for You-Know-Who

Texture:     Finally!  A simple texture for the hairless Very Tall Guy in a Hairy Yak Suit.  Two colour maps and one trans map.  If you improve these textures, or make your own, please consider sharing them with the community.  Thank you!

Requires the Very Tall Guy in a Hairy Yak Suit (free goodie from 3D Menagerie)

Rhino Morphs & Baby Rhino


Figure/Character:     Some new morphs for the head and stomach of the Rhino, including the long-awaited rebuild of the baby rhino figure.  (Well, I waited a long time to rebuild it, anyhow!)

Requires the Rhino figure from DAZ.

Songbird Remix Poses


     Poses:  A bunch of standing, perching, flying, and sitting poses for the Songbird Remix (now available at DAZ).  These will work with the original Songbird by Anton Kisiel, except for the wing folding, and the feather fluffing, and the neck stretching.   


Props:    Cookies!  This file includes the base obj objects, in case you want to use them without Poser.  Chocolate chip cookies, fig bar cookies, stacks of cookies, textures, bump, and take a bite trans map.

WebbedHand Experiment

Figure/Utility:    This is nothing spectacular, and not made as an item to be used/rendered... it demonstrates the technique of "Inverse Hierarchical Affectors" as created by Anton Kisiel and implemented by me to solve the problem of creating a posable webbed hand.  


Prop/Clothing:    Morphs for the KJ Pant by Awful Soul, which you must have installed to use this (go get it, it's free).  This file makes the KJ Pant into a prop that can be parented to any figure.  Morphs are for helping make it fit various hips/waistlines, for bending the spikes, and to make it fit properly on male figures.

Ruby Throne

Prop:     A throne with embedded rubies.

Dangly Eyeball

Prop/Figure:    This is a disembodied eyeball with the muscles hanging off the back.  Fully posable, with Easy Pose controls!  (Cow Skull not included.)

P5 Horse Tail v.01

Prop/Hair:    This is a dynamically-haired horse tail for Poser 5. It could use some improvement, but this is a starting point.  Please read the txt file for important notes and instructions.  

Quake 3 Antlered Helmet

Prop/Clothing:    This is an antlered skull of some kinda weird beast, based on the helmet the Blue Hunter wears in Quake 3.  Quickie texture, buncha morphs, slap it on anybody's head.

Easy Pose Updates
Awful Soul
Loin and Hip Cloths

Figure/Character/Clothing:    Originals by Awful Soul; you must download them from the AS site.  Yes, they are freebies.  This archive only contains the new CR2's with Easy Pose controls for the dangly bits.

Requires As Shanim Hip Cloth 2 and Aisha Loin Cloth from Awful Soul.

Easy-Posifying brought to you by Ajax's Easy Pose Underground!

Mz Bash


Figure/Character:    This is a feminine counterpart to Curio's Ragbash the Troll that includes a new texture and bump, a conforming dress, and matching accessories.

Hair by Studio Maya
Shoes by Nerd
Hat and Handbag by Maclean (available at 3D Commune free stuff)

Requires Ragbash the Troll by Curio's Creatures available at the fine stores at 3D Commune and Renderosity.

Norn Shirt & Pants

Figure/Clothing:    T-shirt and jeans for the BBN (see below).  Hair not included.


Figure/Clothing:    This is a hairy barbarian kinda cape.  It is posable, it does NOT conform.  This is version .02; it coulda been better, but I don't have time to play with it more.

Visual Target

Prop:    This is a tool that lets you control where the eyes of any figure are looking, using basic rotation and scale dials.  Well, those with binocular vision, anyway.  Just point the eyes at the target and use the controller to point and focus them.

   Please read the full instructions in the text file.

Universal Null

Prop/Figure:    This null figure works with almost all figures to eliminate cross-talk.  The only ones it does not work with are figures that use cascading slave dials (ie: Easy Pose items, etc).

   Please read the instructions and see Rob's complete explanation at his site: www.rbtwhiz.com.

Note:  This does not work with certain of Victora 2's morphs.  Use Rob's Millenium Null for Victoria 2. (and don't say I didn't warn you!)

Easy Pose

     Thanks to Ajax's incredible
Easy Pose Wizard
Easy Pose Underground
these items now have updated CR2 files featuring Easy Pose controls.

Dragon Factory: Easy Pose tails and necks for the bodies (and extra tails/necks) and posable whiskers and tongue.

Heavy Horse & Barding Pack I:   Easy Pose Tails and Neck, and Rein 1.

Wee Beasties: Easy Pose tails for the horsies, kitties, puppies, and griffies, all in one package.

Deluxe Multi-Species Swan:  Easy Pose necks for the swan and goose.

MantaBat:  Easy Pose tail controls.

Tail Pack Dragon Tail and DAZ Dragon: Both the whole Dragon cr2 and the chopped dragon Tail from the Tails pack. (Note: this does not require you d/l the tail pack.  Just that you own the dragon!) NOTICE: these won't work unless you move your dragon obj into a"dragon" subdirectory under "ZygoteAnimals."

Hatchie:  Easy Pose tails for Mallen's Hatchling Dragon, including the Li'l Angel and Li'l Devil Hatchies.



Figure:   Based on Jessica's Gryphon (see below), it's the hippogriff!  New multi-figure character, and some poses.  

Note: I didn't include any textures.  See the txt file for info on where to get some!  If you grab the Gryphon (see below! really!), you'll have a bunch of forequarter textures.

Requres that you own the DAZ eagle. 

Wee Beasties Pose Collection 1


Poses:   An assortment of poses for an assortment of Wee Beasties: Horsies, Puppies, Kitties, and Griffies.  Includes the famous Crash Test pose!

Works with the Wee Beasties from 3D Menagerie (but you can try them on your other critters!)  :)

Tall Cool Drink

Prop:    This is a nice cool tropical drink, complete with ice, straw, umbrella, and fruit slice.  Nothing fancy, nothing morphs on it.  It has a texture, as shown here.  It uses P4 transparency settings, and a reflection map (which isn't mine and isn't included, sorry.  Try substituting any generic or watery style reflection map you may have.)

Gorilla Texture - Dark


Texture:    This is a dark texture for the DAZ Gorilla.  You must own the DAZ Gorilla to use it, duh. :)  Only the body and head textures are included.

Bloodsong's Basic Norn


Figure:     This is a Poser figure based on Creature Labs' Creatures artificial life form, the norn (NOT Nordic norns!)  The norn takes all standard poses and works with the walk designer.  It is designed to be customized and used to create new breed sprites, although the animation setups for that eventuality aren't done yet.

     This also includes new norn hair props, and conversions of the standard Poser hair to fit the norn figure.

     For more about Creature Labs' Creatures (and a free online game!) visit their site.
     For more information about the BBN Project, visit my Creatures pages.


Prop:     This is based on the design of war staves in Diablo II.

I want to thank Sharkey for the use of his feathers from his Indian Headdress.


Figure:     This is an original, quickie Poser Figure.    A sorta semi-aerial, semi-aquatic something or other.

Morphing Cupcake


Prop/Morphs:     Morphs for the DAZ cupcake prop, and some new default materials for it.

Requires the cupcake prop from DAZ, which was a freebie once upon a time. (Check your archives!)

Stephanie: Michael Mapping


Texture:     This is a remapping of  Stephanie so you can use Michael's Texture maps on her.  If you'd ever want to. (Hey, Lyrra's Shades of Mike textures are good to use!)

Requires the Stephanie figure from DAZ.

UPDATED:  If you downloaded this file before 0205.14, it won't work.   Get this new version.

Rhino Bump and Colour Texture


Texture:     This is a new bump and colour map for the DAZ (Zygote) Rhino.

Requires the Rhino figure from DAZ.

Shades of Mike
Nubian - Scarred


Texture/Character:     This is a new Shades of Mike texture, based on the project by Lyrra.  There is also a face file for the nubian head.

NOT INCLUDED: the figure file, the spear from Chemical Studios, Bernie's Djungle Kilt (available at Renderosity free stuff), the nose decoration (horn props from the Antelope Expansion Pack), or the earrings (Poser toruses!)

Requires Michael from DAZ; Michael2 and Boris by CDI to fully use the face file.

Update: 0208.22   I forgot the FC2 file, sorry.  Please re-download if you want it.

Shades of Mike
Sea Pixie Texture


Texture/Character:     This is a new Shades of Mike texture, based on the project by Lyrra.  There are also three Sea Pixie face files.

NOT INCLUDED: the figure file, the fin props (from Dragon Factory) or the seaweed bikini, which is the Jewled Collar prop by Pnevai (available at Renderosity free stuff).

Requires Michael from DAZ; Michael2 to fully use the face files.

Minotaur Hooves for Mike


Figure/Character:     This is a set of geometry-swapping hooves for the Minotaur Mike figure by Alan Scott (available at the Renderosity Store).   The zip contains a new CR2 with the swapping info (but no morphs), and the new geometry to replace the shins, feet, and toes with the cloven hooves.

   You need to own Michael by DAZ.  If you don't have Minotaur Mike, you can still use this file, but you'll only get the feet and tail, not the bull head.

   For decoding, you will need ObjAction Mover by Maz.  The CR2 is stripped of morphs, so you will need Morph Manager (from Renderosity Free Stuff) or a CR2 editor to put them back in.

NOTE:  This file is 20 meg.  Why?  Cuz it has two PCFs in it that are based on the Michael Obj.
Why didn't I just make ONE new obj of a Michael-with-hooves?  Er, I could have, I suppose :/

Hatchie Fin ReMapping


Textures:      This is a semi-quick remapping of the Hatchling Dragon, to separate the TransFin material from the skin of the struts in the head fins and wings.  This remapping will still take standard Hatchling maps.  To avoid colour bleed, you should re-paint your maps according to the diagram shown, with fin material on top/left and skin material on bottom/right.

     You need to own the Hatchling Dragon, available at DAZ3D.

     You will need UVMapper's latest incarnation to decode the new uvs mapping file.

Hatchie Pack 2


Character/Morphs/Poses:      This is a new, NEW CR2 for the Hatchling Dragon by Mallen Lane.  Besides the additions of the Hatchie (below), this version has arm ik chains, and even more morphs.
   Also includes hatchie hand poses and some more poses.  Oh, and the Lil Angel and Lil Devil hatchies!

     You need to own the Hatchling Dragon, available at DAZ3D.


(Hatchie Pack 1)


Character/Morphs/Poses:      This is a new CR2 for the Hatchling Dragon by Mallen Lane.  It expands a few of the joint limits, it adds the grasp and spread dials to the hands, and it includes some new head morphs.  
   Also included are some new Hatchie poses.

     You need to own the Hatchling Dragon, available at DAZ3D.

Charger Fantasy Tack
Poser4 Horse Conversion


Character/Clothing:      This is a conversion to make the Charger Fantasy Tack from DAZ fit and conform to the  Standard Poser Horse.    (Note: this only converts the saddle, you'll have to fit the stirrups and bridle on the usual manual way.)

     You need to own the Fantasy Tack, and you'll need ObjAction Mover to decode the files.  (Or MacConverter will do it for you.)

Charger Fantasy Tack
Heavy Horse Conversion


Character/Clothing:      This is a conversion to make the Charger Fantasy Tack from DAZ fit and conform to the Heavy Horse.    (Note: this only converts the saddle, you'll have to fit the stirrups and bridle on the usual manual way.)

     You need to own the Fantasy Tack, and the Heavy Horse, and you'll need ObjAction Mover to decode the files.  (Or MacConverter will do it for you.)


Poses/Hands:      These are two types of grips, the Power Grip and the Dexterous Grip.  Use the latter when you need more control (ie: with many tools, swords, spatulas, etc etc.)

One set for P4 figures, one set for Millenium figures.

Falconry Gear

Character/Props/Clothes:      Hood and Jesses fit on the DAZ eagle, and the Eagle Expansion Pack birds, or any bird you care to fit it onto.  Falconer's Glove (right or left) fits the P4 Male, or scale and parent it to any figure (turn off the figure's hands and fingers).  Morphing perch for any bird.  Posable lure prop with bird and rabbit swapping lures.

UPDATE:  If you downloaded the gear before October 1st, 2001, and the Hood blew up your MacConverter (sorry!) you can download the updated and working Hood files here.  If you download after October 1, the updated Hood files are included in the archive.  (If you downloaded ON Oct 1 and you're not sure what version you have, check the txt file ;) )



Character/Textures/Morphs:      This is  a quickie texture (Can you say "Eye Candy 3000"?) and some morphs, and material settings to transform your eagle into a flaming phoenix.

   You need to own the Zygote/DAZ eagle from DAZ3D.
   You'll also need the Big Wing Eagle, below.

Big Wing Eagle


Character/Poses/Morphs:      Finally here!  This is a remapping of the Zygote/Daz eagle, new joint parameters and pose to fold the wings, a buncha leg and tail morphs, nictating membranes on the eyes, and two new textures: bald eagle and golden eagle.

   You'll need UVMapper to decode the new UVS.

MAC NOTE:  it seems you cant do automatic materials in the mac version of uvmapper at this time, and you also can't untangle the tail/wing bits, either.  Sooooooo.... to get the new uvs, you'll need to use the old 'convert a pcf' trick.  Click here to get it.

   You need to own the Zygote/DAZ eagle from DAZ3D.

MATs & Poses


Character/Poses:      This is an update for Jelisa's Gryphon3 with fixed  CR2, JPs and an ear tuft morph.  Also included are MAT pose files to change the ample supply of textures Jelisa provided, and regular pose files for the Gryphon.

   To use Gryphon 4, you need the following free items:

Big Face Lion  (see below)
Lyne's Eagle-Raven map  (www.lynescreations.com)
Jelisa's Gryphon3 archives #2, #3, and #4 (www.fignations.com)

   You also need to own the Zygote/DAZ eagle from DAZ3D.

Dirk Blackpool Tunic & Cape

Character/Clothing:      This is a brand new tunic and cape, as worn by Prince Dirk Blackpool in the TV show Wizards & Warriors.  The tunic is conforming to the P4 Nude Male, and the cape is posable.  (They are separate clothing figures.)
   I have not included any textures for this.  

You can see Dirk's clothes in action here.

Barding Pack I - DAZ Charger Conversion


Character/Clothing:      This is a conversion to make the Barding Pack I armor and caparisons fit and conform to the Charger horse figure from DAZ.

     You need to own the Barding Pack I, the Charger, and you'll need ObjAction Mover to decode the files.  (Or MacConverter will do it for you.)

NOTE: If you downloaded this before August 2002, there is a file with an error.  Click here to get the NEW fixed neck files (and for the Poser Horse, too)

Barding Pack I - Poser Horse Conversion


Character/Clothing:      This is a conversion to make the Barding Pack I armor and caparisons fit and conform to the standard Poser horse.

     You need to own the Barding Pack I, and you'll need ObjAction Mover to decode the files.  (Or MacConverter will do it for you.)

NOTE: If you downloaded this before August 2002, there is a file with an error.  Click here to get the NEW fixed neck files (and for the Poser Horse, too)

Jousting Thingies

Props:      These are a few things I threw together for the Barding Pack I, but they are so small and simple, I didn't include them in the package.
   There's 2 plumes, two decorative thingies, a lance and a lance holder that hooks onto the saddle.

Michael Torso Morphs 1


Morphs:      These are morphs dealing with the musculature on Michael's torso.  They include morphs to smooth the deltoids, pectorals, and underarms (shown here before(top) and after (bottom)).  They also include more definition for the back muscles on the shoulders, shoulder blades, spine (including one that pulls the vertebrae out), and buttocks.  There are also neck-cords that pull those muscles out.
     None of them turned out as nice as I had hoped, they are all a bit rough, but they look decent at middle-distance.

Devil Ducky

Props:      This is an OBJ of a little devil rubber ducky, with quickie texture.  Good for Poser, Vue, or whatever you want to import it into!

 NEW!  No-Horns morph (or a plain rubber ducky) created by Little_Dragon!  click here to download.

Enzo's Braveheart Hair

Hair:      This is a new hair object based on Enzo's Braveheart-style hair.  (Yes, Enzo is green.)  It has a buncha morphs, and a trans and texture map.

Big Face Buck Pack


All right, this is a bit large.  One Big Face remapping for the DAZ buck, three new texture maps, new antler props, new buck morphs, six different species, new JP's, and a buncha poses.  The new UVs will not work with the Deer, only the Buck.  However, you can still use the poses, the new JPs (probably), and the antler props.
   It's almost 5 Megs.

Gait Pack 1

Poses/Animation:      These are four gait cycles for the Heavy Horse: Pace (same-side trotting), Prance (high-stepping trot), Trot (well, a trot), and Walk.  I did not do anything fancy like include manes or tails (I tried to do tails, I really did.  Poser did not save both figures' info in the pose files!)
     These also work (with a tad bit of tweaking) with the regular Poser3/4 horse, and the DAZ Charger.

Background Drapes

Props:      These are 3 studio drapery props, and a morphed ground plane that bends up like a photo-shoot background.  The drapes were built in rhino, and the meshes are rather hefty.  The zip is also a rather hefty download.

Blankets for Heavy Horse

Character/Clothing:  These are two  conforming horseblankets for the Heavy Horse.    One is a regular stable blanket, and the other is a New Zealand style.  There are no textures. You can also use it with any other horse (or even non-horse) figure, if you like.

Saddle for Heavy Horse

Character/Clothing:  This is a basic saddle for the Heavy Horse.    It is a separate figure (NOT conforming) for posing of the stirrups.  It has one texture and morphs to match the Heavy Horse figure.  You can also use it with any other horse (or even non-horse) figure, if you like.

Saddle Blanket for Heavy Horse

Character/Clothing:  This is a quickie, conforming saddle blanket for the Heavy Horse.    It has five colour textures, one bump, and one trans map.  You can also use it with any other horse (or even non-horse) figure, if you like.

PhilC Armor for Heavy Horse


Character/Clothing:      If you own PhilC's Horse Armor and the Heavy Horse, you're in luck!  I have created a file conversion that will allow the armor to fit and conform to the Heavy Horse.  Phil's Armor pack also includes a saddle and reins which can be sized up for the Heavy Horse, and a bunch of cool props like the lance and shield shown here.  (The Knight is LordsWarrior's P3 figure.)  These textures are not included in either file.  (And remember, after conforming to the Friesian -- as shown here-- set the conformer's Body scale to 90%!)


Character/Morphs:     This started out with Lyne's Basset CR2 for the Poser dog, over at Lannie's 3D Model World (morphs section!).  After messing with the ear scaling, I thought I'd mess with the head shape, and... couldn't stop.  So there's morphs for a more basset-y basset, nose size, muzzle size and shape, head bumps, eyes closing (not very well, but that's all I had to work with), eyes looking around, moving around, tongue doing  tonguely stuff, etc.  Use Morph Manager to share all the morphs amongst your dog-based characters.


Morph:     These are morphs to make the P4 Lion's shoulders move in that cat-like way.

Go figure, I just found a mysterious "lchest.zip" on my hard drive that is apparently this file all along!  oops.

Lion Shoulder Morph

CatPak2: Shoulders

Morph:     These shoulders are for the P3/P4 cat; the left and right shoulder blades can stick up individually.

Thanks to Marianne for sending me my long lost file!! :)

Princess Ariel Hat

Prop/Clothing:   This is a princess hat as worn by Princess Ariel in the TV show Wizards & Warriors

Poser Tail Pack V2

Character/Props:     These are chopped CR2's that point to different Poser animal tails, for when you want to stick, say, a cat tail on something.  Includes the standard Poser animals: cat, dog, dolphin, lion, raptor, horse, wolf, rattlesnake.  Also includes extra figures you may have:  Zygote/DAZ  dragonfly, charger, dragon, and bass.

Horse Mouth Parts

Prop:     The Horse Mouth Parts are a smart prop.  The tongue morphs to move, and the lower jaw section morphs to open and close with the mouth (the horse head mouth morphs are NOT included in this one.)

Ice Cream Cone

Prop:     Yummy!  An ice cream cone prop, with a morph to melt it.  Comes with cherry vanilla texture and bump maps.  Click here to see an interesting pistachio variation.  This has been remapped for improvement. Enjoy!

Inflammable Nostrils

Texture Map:     These have been removed, because they are a menace!!


this will fix all your glowing nostril problems!  (safely and easily!)


Character/Clothing:     This is a non-specific harness that conforms to the P3/P4 horse.
Thanks to ScottA for helping me with a cr2 that conforms properly to the horse!

Horse Blanket

Character/Clothing:     A conformable horse blanket/cooler/caparison for the P3/P4 horse.  It has a few morphs to adjust length, and turning the neck part invisible (with a bit of a 'tuck' morph on the chest) turns it into a regular horse blanket.
Thanks to ScottA for helping me with a cr2 that conforms properly to the horse!

Cheap Horse Skeleton

Character:     It isn't anatomically correct, but it's quick, and it's cheap.  It uses figure re-scaling (legs), transparency mapping (body and head), morphs (head, shoulders), and new geometry (spine).  It is a PCF that requires decoding with ObjAction Mover, and P4 for the trans-mapping.  This file also contains my Horse Mouth Parts prop.
I'd like to thank GeekHolder for allowing me to use the bone tail in this figure.

Kittens and Cat Eye Morphs

Character/Morphs:    This is a CR2 for the Poser cat to rescale the legs, paws, body and neck.  The head makes extensive use of Beth's Cat o'9 Lives morphs, available at Capsces
   The eye morphs make the pupils round, and make the left/right eyes look up, down, left and right.


Character:    This is made from the Poser cat, but uses Cat2, in which I have sliced shoulders for the cat, so you need to decode the PCF file with ObjAction Mover.  This goodie includes the cheetah CR2, texture map, and a 19-frame pose file of a cheetah run.  

Amazing Miracle Grow Tulip

Prop:     This is a pretty basic tulip-shape, but it has lots of morphs!  The flower can grow from a little leaf-wrapped bunch to a tall tulip, and bloom.  
   There are three texture maps included, for the yellow, lavender, and bright red tulips.

Big Face Cat

Texture Map:     This is a remapping of the P3 cat, so the skin is laid out like a pelt, to avoid that pixel-stretching effect you get with the flat side-view mapping.  The head is face-on, so you can match patterns going across the midline.  (Especially good for racoons and such with the Capsces Cat 0'9Lives morphs.)  Included is a tabby texture, jaguar, and white tiger.

Big Face Lion

Texture Map:     This is a remapping of the P4 lion, so the skin is laid out like a pelt, and the head is sphereically mapped, to avoid that pixel-stretching effect you get with the flat side-view mapping.  It includes a quick new lion texture.  Nerd also made a new skin for him, check out his site!

Big Face Tiger

Character/Morphs/Texture:     This builds on the no-mane morph by Emperor Ken, with an adjustment to make the head section into a tiger's cheek ruff.  There are also morphs to retract (or further extend) the P4 lion's claws.  The texture is painted on the Big Face Lion template; the UVS file is included.

Big Face Wolf

Texture Map:     This is a remapping of the P4 wolf, so the skin is laid out like a pelt, and the head is sphereically mapped, to avoid that pixel-stretching effect you get with the flat side-view mapping.  It includes a quick new wolf texture.

Lion Pack One

Character/Morphs/Poses/Texture/Props:     Yep, all in one!  This is a group of several morphs for the lion head, to close the eyes, and stick out the tongue.  It includes a lying down yawning pose, a conformable trans-mapped mane prop, and a trans map for the mane, ear-hairs, and tail of the Big Face Lion.
Note: the cr2 file ONLY contains head morphs, you MUST use MorphManager to put them on your lion figure(s).

This pack now ALSO contains the LionJaw figure and CR2, which gives the lion a posable jaw, and also tweaks the joint parameters of the legs and such.


Prop:     A folding fan (that doesn't, as yet, have a morph to fold it) with four textures: a flowery design, six oriental women (3 on each side), a sytlized crane on white, and a phoenix/dragon on blue..

Incredible Tack Pack

Props:     This is a set of morphs for Jackie's saddle and bridle.  It also includes a poseable rein figure, if you need to do more detailed looping and such.

Deluxe Multi-Species Swan

Character:     This is the first Poser figure I ever made -- with help from Virus and Hokusai's wings! (Thanks, guys!)  Included is the swan, with morphs and textures for mute, tundra, and black swans (including juveniles), a cygnet model and texture, and a CR2 and texture for a Canadian Goose.  There are also a few pose files, for swimming, flying, and wing folding.

New, Improved Zygote Frog

Character/Morphs/Texture Map/Prop:     This is a re-mapping of the P4 frog, and then I went nuts making bull frog and leopard frog and tree frog and poison arrow frog textures.  Then I made morphs for the toes for sucker toes and to spread the webbing of the feet.  And the inimitable ribbit morph!  And messed with the scaling on the CR2s to create the tree frogs, and poison arrow frogs.  And, finally, added a fakie tongue prop (kinda more like a chameleon tongue).  This uses UVS encoding, you need UVMapper to use it (www.uvmapper.com).

UPDATE: 0205.19  the uvs file didn't have the group and materials in it!  now it does.  if you downloaded prior to may, 2002, please re-download.

Horse Head Morphs 2

Morphs:     This is a set of morphs for the Poser horse.  'Belled' ears, big eyes, and a nice smile.

UPDATE:  If you downloaded this file before February 22, 2002, the files are corrupt and will not work.  Re-download the file, now.  Thanks to Jenny and Little_Dragon for fixing it up!

Horse Leg Morphs

Morphs:     These are for the Poser horse's legs.  Knobby knees, fetlocks, and cloven hooves.


Character/Morphs:     This is a cheap, quickie zebra.  It uses a single-sided texture mapping, so it is a UVS encoded obj; you'll need (yes, you guessed it!) UVMapper.  The morphs change the shape of the mane and tail.

Wishing Well

Prop:     A quaint well prop, with textures.  It doesn't have any morphs and the handle doesn't turn and all.  (Oh, sure, what JP settings will make the rope wind around the spindle?? ;) )  No bucket, either.


These freebies are currently not available.  At this point, I don't know if I can find/get them again.  I KNOW the links point to PoserWorld, and I KNOW you can't get into PoserWorld without paying, and even if you did, these files are not there, anyway.  Please don't email me and tell me these things, cuz I KNOW.  Read the notes here that say why you can't get them:  THEY'RE NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.  Thanks.  :)

IF YOU HAVE THEM, EMAIL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  thank you thank you thank you!
(it's bloodsong (at) 3dmenagerie (dot)com.)

Elephant Poses

Poses:     These are for Debra's Elephants, from VIP.  There are two lying down poses like this one,  two drink poses (one for the adult to put the trunk tip in the mouth, one for the baby), and two walk cycles at two different speeds.  Mommy can walk stately and slow while baby hurries to keep up, or Daddy can charge with a quick run.  Click here to see the elephants walking.

Morphs/Props:     .Some cat head morphs (Long Skull, Long Muzzle, Whiskers Up) to compliment the Cat o'9Lives Morphs from Capsces.  Plus retractable claw props, and a dewclaw morph for the thumbs.

NOTE: check the KITTENS download, above; which may have some of these morphs in it.

Cat Pak 1

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No images may be downloaded from this site, unless otherwise specified.  Thank you.

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